Frequently Asked Questions  

How long will I wait for housing assistance once I’ve been placed on the waiting list? Six months to a year is our average wait time.

Do you offer emergency housing assistance? No.

Can I be on both the Public Housing and Section 8 waiting lists? Yes.

What is the difference between the Section 8 Voucher Program and Public Housing? The Section 8 Voucher Program may be used in an apartment, house or any other acceptable unit in Hancock County. Public housing units are apartments that are managed by the Housing Authority.

Can I have an apartment and go away for the winter? Yes, however, your apartment must be your primary residence.

What information will I have to provide in order to apply and move into an apartment? Applicants must provide information about all sources of income in the household and declare all members of the household that will be living in the unit. All information will be verified with banks, employers and all other sources. Applicants must pass a credit and criminal background check.

If I have already lived in public housing or received housing rental assistance in the past, will I be able to receive it again? Yes, however, former recipients of public housing assistance who left a program owing back rent or other charges must pay the balance owed before being considered for assistance again.

I’m a resident of Hancock County. Do I get in more quickly than a nonresident? Yes, we have a resident preference as well as a veteran's preference.

I am moving into a housing unit and need some assistance with cleaning and grocery shopping. Do you provide services to residents? Yes, we have staff that assist residents with cleaning, grocery shopping and laundry. We also provide one hot meal, Monday through Friday. For costs and more information, please see the services section of this website.